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Roads and carparks are a specialty, and Friths offers a complete service. We can handle the design and the engineering, and we have the heavy machinery and the people to take it to completion. Friths brings not only experience and capacity to every project, but the simplicity of dealing with a single company, from idea to end product.


Subdivisions are big jobs. The roadmaking, drainage, sewerage and water mains that shape new estates requires not only capacity and expertise, but commitment. And Friths, as an established East Gippsland local, is absolutely committed to working with developers to realize the neighborhoods that will shape the future of our towns.



Civil construction is a big part of our business. Roads, drainage, carparks, sewers and mains, we do it all, from concept to completion. And we own our own heavy plant and equipment to ensure that projects are completed on time and to specification without being dependent on external equipment suppliers.

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Frith's Plumbing & Civil Construction Pty Ltd

25 Gordon Street Bairnsdale Victoria Australia 3875

Frith’s began in Bairnsdale in 2005, when Adrian Frith started his own business as a residential plumber. Since then the business has grown significantly, expanding first into commercial plumbing and roofing to become one of the largest contractors in East Gippsland, and then, increasingly, into civil construction, working with developers to shape the towns - and the future - of the region.

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