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Friths understands that commercial and industrial plumbing is as much about scale and capacity as it is experience and expertise. That’s why we provide both: long-term industry experience coupled with our own heavy machinery and the latest technological innovations. Whether a totally new project, upgrading existing facilities or meeting the demands of new regulations, Friths has the plant and the people to get the job done.


Residential plumbing is a broad service, requiring expertise and capacity across numerous disciplines, from design to delivery. Friths does the lot:​

  • waste water and sewerage

  • hot and cold potable water delivery

  • fittings and appliance fit off

  • metal roof installation

  • stormwater drainage

  • water recycling and greywater recovery

  • solar installation

  • septics and treatment plants

  • sewer jetting and blockage clearance

  • hot & cold water services

  • gasfitting

. . . and more. Whatever the job, Friths has you covered.


Roofing poses its own special challenges. That’s why Friths has a specialised metal roofing crew, trained in the supply and installation of metal roofing, in working at heights, in installing the latest insulation systems. From simple skillions to complex architectural designs to massive 1000m2 plus commercial roofs, Frith’s crew has installed them all, efficiently, safely and to the highest standards.


Prompt service, experience in all aspects of plumbing, roofing and gasfitting, and a large enough workforce to get the job done is what Frith's brings to every plumbing project. Whether the job is residential, commercial or a large scale development, we work hard at getting the best possible result for all stakeholders.

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